Small bathroom guide

Be creative with the layout

When faced with a small space, it is important to make the most of each function, even if it means giving up the convention. In this case, you must make sure that your small bathroom meets your needs rather than worrying about its appearance to the outside world.

Take the picture above, for example. The difference here is the bathtub in the shower. Although it may seem strange at first, this arrangement has the advantage of allowing the owner to enjoy both a walk-in shower and a bathtub. The bathroom also has a vanity, a shelf and a floating toilet, all of which are typical space-saving options.

Although you may not want to copy this layout to your home, you can learn from it. If you have the chance to create your layout from scratch, take full advantage of the opportunity. Make sure you find ways to use all the angles of the space, even if it seems strange at first.

Think vertical

If there is a proven rule to save space, never neglect the value of the vertical design. When you do not have as much horizontal space to work as you want, thinking vertically is one way to make sure that space remains usable. As a bonus, the vertical lines can deceive the eyes into believing that a room is larger than it initially seems.

Again, take a second to study the photo above. You notice that the walls of the shower are much higher than normal and that there is a shelf above the toilet. Small design choices like these force the eye up, so that it occupies all the space, rather than looking straight forward.

Other choices, such as adding a vertical mirror or a wall suspension, can achieve the same goal. At the end of the day, you just want to make sure the maximum space is visible.

Put storage everywhere

This trick may seem a little self-explanatory, but it is so essential to your success. There is no doubt that you need a place to store all your belongings, especially after living in space for a while. Do yourself a favor and plan the inevitable by including storage options wherever possible.

This picture includes a particularly interesting example because not only is there no additional storage space in your bathroom design, but it is also integrated. Pay close attention to how the shelves are built into the wall. This allows for extra storage depth, as well as eliminating any need in inches to be taken up by a wall shelf.

If you can, we advise you to copy this maneuver. It’s elegant and incredibly elegant. However, there is no reason not to take creativity in your hands. Feel free to explore other options, such as door-to-door shelves and space-saving ladders, to give your space a personal touch.

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