Bathroom Design

Do not overlay lighting

Do you simply sit with the suspended lighting in your bathroom? If so, you are doing yourself a disservice. Layered lighting is essential to create a truly functional room, and the bathroom is no exception. Layered lighting makes it much easier to groom, such as shaving or makeup.

For those who do not know what a layered lighting arrangement might look like, here is an example:

 Mood lighting: your existing zenith lighting. Consider adding additional recessed lighting to illuminate dark corners.
 Accent lighting: An additional installation around the mirror or vanity facilitates grooming tasks. If you often bathe in the tub to relax, consider installing a light fixture; one that will allow you to dim the lights to create a mood.
 Work Lighting: Smaller, lighted beauty mirrors can also help with grooming.

Make storage an afterthought

Like layered lighting, this error affects both shape and function. A bathroom without enough storage to organize everything is very common. The products pile up everywhere, which makes the room messy and hinders the design.

It’s time to take storage seriously. The first step is to determine exactly what you need. Follow your routines with your bathroom as is and do your best to locate the problems. Concentrate on all the points where you find yourself frustrated by your current layout or delve into unorganized drawers to find the item you need.

Next, look for the appropriate storage solutions by thinking about your problems. Here’s the key: do not just choose the cheapest and most utilitarian option. Instead, invest in a room that will duplicate adding aesthetic value, such as the wicker baskets shown above.

Incompatible devices

Let’s face it: it’s easy enough to mismatch. You may have redone your bathroom piece by piece, only realizing that something has not been added to your design. Fortunately, it’s also a pretty simple solution. one that can certainly be tackled in a weekend.

When it comes to appliances, it’s important to remember that if the material you choose for your appliances is essential, the finish may be even more so. Two devices made of the same material, but with different finishes, do not match. Consider the look you are looking for before buying:

 Polished: Polished finishes are the most modern, with a smooth texture and high gloss.
 Brushed or Satin: These finishes are the most common, offering a more matte look.
 Oiled: Some consider oiled finishes a bit old-fashioned, but they work well with certain aesthetic styles like Tuscan or French design.

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