Black Walls

Use a black and white color scheme
For black to be not too powerful, another idea is to work with a black and white color scheme. You can see the principle in action on the photo above. The large and large white elements in front of the wall dissociate the black. All of these elements lead to a well-balanced geometry in space.

Using this idea, you could even have a black wall and floor, provided they are offset by white moldings and furniture. And you can go modern, as in the photo. You can also add classic elements like a black and white drawing for a refined and majestic style.

Pair the black walls with an adjacent fat wall
Yet another idea is to couple the black wall with wallpaper or paint on an adjacent wall. This style works well when you associate a black wall with a silver abstract wallpaper, which you can see in the photo above. The abstract brush design gives the space a modern and fun look.

Another idea is to associate a black wall with an adjacent black and white geometric wallpaper pattern. This will both match the black wall and balance the space with additional shading. And by choosing a classic geometric design, you can keep the area looking impressive and refined, which is the feeling that any black wall can give to a space. The added black and white photography can also match the color scheme of the space.

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