Cleaning Solutions Ideas

In the bathroom: powerful simple bath cleaner
If you have stubborn stains in your shower or tub, you have probably tried cleaning it with a lot of different chemicals. A surprising solution could unlock the new bathtub you were looking for. The experts in natural cleaning swear by this simple and ecological cleaning solution.

In a vaporizer, combine:

1 part white vinegar
1 serving of blue Dawn dish soap
The blue Dawn specific soap formula makes the solution the most effective. In addition, as it is commonly used to remove oil from susceptible animals after an oil spill, you can rest easily by using it at home.

Coat your bathtub or shower with the spray and let it sit. 15 minutes is sufficient for light buildup, but severe scum may require an overnight wait. Then scrub the tub or shower and rinse thoroughly to reveal a sparkling surface.

These environmentally friendly cleaning solutions will help you clean your source without any toxic cleaners. Enjoy your house or apartment nicely cleaned; take a deep breath of this fresh, chemical-free air!

The king of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions: the all-purpose home-made spray
Shine your surfaces with a simple solution that you can use in almost any room in your home. In a vaporizer, mix:

1 part water (distilled is the best)
1 part white vinegar
Optional: 12-15 drops of essential oil (lavender and lemon are excellent options)
Spray this solution on a soft towel and use it on almost all surfaces. If you omit the essential oil, you lose the refreshing scent, but you can also use this solution as a glass cleaner.

Note: Vinegar is not safe for stone surfaces, such as marble or granite. Instead, a baking soda solution will give your countertops a shiny and spotless appearance.

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