Dining Room Trends

In recent years, formal eating places have experienced a decline in popularity. It was once unthinkable to have a house without room reserved for your family and friends, but today’s homeowners break with tradition and prefer more casual interiors.

However, do not call these spaces a thing of the past yet. The dining room trends of 2019 prove that even the most old-fashioned interiors can be modernized. Trust us when we say that these are not your grandmother’s dining tables.

If you are ready to give another boost to the formal dining room, we have all the information you need. Take a look at the 2019 dining trends below and find the ones that best fit your aesthetic. By helping you with the tips in this article, you’ll be able to create a dining room worthy of the 21st century.

Create a dining area

These days, the meals are casual. For those who are opposed to dedicating an entire room to formal receptions, consider arranging a separate area of ​​your kitchen for this task. A dining area offers you the extra seating you need while remaining useful in your daily life.

When creating this space, it is essential to find the right balance between distinction and coordination with the rest of the kitchen. The shape can be incredibly useful to enhance your dining area. For example, look at how the rounded furniture in the picture above contrasts with its linear background.

Meanwhile, the color can be used to make your corner harmonize with the rest of the room. Be sure to keep the same color palette in this area as in the rest of the room. However, if the mix of aesthetics is too worrying, consider incorporating different prints or patterns into similar tones to give your corner an extra visual interest.

Optez pour une banquette

Les salles à manger sont de plus en plus détendues grâce au type de siège choisi pour ces espaces. L’époque où les chaises bouchées et à haut dossier sont utilisées pour créer un look uniforme est révolue. Au lieu de cela, les banquettes sont un moyen populaire de rendre votre salle à manger incroyablement confortable.

De nombreuses personnes supposent que ce type de disposition des sièges est réservé aux intérieurs rustiques. Bien qu’un solide banc en bois ne semble certainement pas hors de propos, il est loin d’être la seule option. Un banc peint conviendrait parfaitement aux intérieurs côtiers, tandis qu’une option acrylique conviendrait parfaitement dans les chambres les plus modernes.

N’oubliez pas que les bancs peuvent souvent être multifonctionnels. Pensez à ajouter du rangement en dessous pour ranger votre équipement de cuisine supplémentaire ou même à inclure un coussin et des coussins pour rendre vos invités plus confortables.

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