Dining Room Walls Ideas

Reheating an open space or giving character to a single room is a challenge. Salvaged wood accents are in fashion right now and can center an open dining space with color and texture. For a solid dining room, a wooden accent wall adds an indispensable architectural element.
If you want your dining room to remain neutral, the texture and pattern are the secret to keeping it interesting. Metallic printed wallpaper with contemporary patterns and graphics brings light into the room and highlights your lighting. Even the most neutral or minimalist room has a glow of metallic accents, provided you keep your color palette simple.
The integrated dining room gives you the opportunity to add beautiful accent colors without painting walls. No built-in cabinets? No problem! Porcelain cabinets, buffets and even bookcases can be personalized with colors. You may want to choose an accent color that will stand out from the cabinets to really show it. Sprinkle your accent color with sheets and artwork for a professionally designed style.

It is not always possible to paint the walls of your dining room. Whether you are a tenant or simply do not have time to tackle a painting project, the curtains can give you the color you need. Printed or patterned draperies can add a lot of color to your dining room, giving you lots of accent colors for your decorating palette. The best trick for using wall hangings is to use them generously – it means adding an extra set to the rod to fill the wall. If you want to use the curtains in your dining room as a focal point, install a curtain rod much wider than your window and fill the extra space with extra curtains. We love stripes, especially on the walls. Large horizontal stripes can give the impression of a small dining space and give the illusion of architectural details. You will want to keep your stripes simple with some colors, especially if you have a small dining room. The works of art in a striped dining room look great when they are simple and large: small or very lively works are lost in a wall of stripes.

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