Efficient Home Heating Systems

The most important component of an energy efficient home heating system is not the system itself, but the quality of your home that uses the system output.

Tightness of doors, windows, walls and floors should be your first priority. Insulation, caulking and caulking may be required around windows, doors or other drafts. These small steps are worth it – they will save you money in the long run with lower utility bills.

What type of installation will the most energy efficient home heating systems need?

The two main heating systems are forced air or radiation. Although radiant systems are often more efficient, they can be difficult to install in an existing home.
How much space do you have for your heating system?

A large furnace may not be practical if you have a small house or apartment. Outdoor units such as heat pumps may not be possible without a yard or outdoor space for the unit.
What fuel is available and how much will it cost to heat your home?

The most common fuel options include natural gas, fuel oil, electricity or propane, the price may vary considerably. Consider the lifetime cost of an electric heating system versus that of a petroleum fuel.
Can I afford a renewable energy heating system?

A solar or geothermal unit may have a high initial price, but many rebates and incentives are to be taken into account. The lower monthly costs and the increase in the value of your home can also make the initial investment profitable. Many renewable energy companies can help you determine if the system and recovery period are right for you.

The latest and most energy efficient heating systems

We have broken down the latest energy efficient heating systems available by type. Now that you have an idea of ​​the type of heating system best suited to your home, let’s explore the different options.
Energy efficient furnaces and boilers

The latest boilers, gas and oil furnaces are ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly. They are designed to easily replace your existing heater.

 Ovens are equipped with a duct system that provides hot air to the rooms of your choice.
 Boilers provide hot water in heated homes with radiators, baseboard heaters or ground heat.

Current models have an impressive efficiency ranging from 90 to 94%, which can save you a lot of money. The Trane XC95M gas furnace is up to 97% efficient. In fact, the savings can offset the replacement of your existing heater if it is more than 10 years old.

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