Maximize Space Laundry Room

You do not have to suffer in your tiny space. With some tips and tricks, you can turn your cramped quarters of clothes cleaning. Making the most of every nook and cranny frees up precious inches and allows you to create space to breathe in your laundry room. Here are six tips to maximize space in your small laundry room.
– Hang to dry
One of the biggest frustrations of having a small laundry room is clothing that has to air dry. Do you move them all on your curtain rod and temporarily convert your bathroom into a drying room? Do you add a line of clothing to your outdoor area – if you’re lucky enough to have one? These are options, although somewhat risky. Fortunately, there are ways to add a drying area to your small laundry without taking up much space. A simple rod installed at the bottom of a cabinet or, if you really want to feel like it, a sliding drier can solve your air drying problems.
– Take the right and narrow
Do not waste space in your small laundry room. If you have a narrow corner for your washer and dryer, you probably have them centered inside. If you push them to one side, you may be able to free just enough space for a bookcase or slide cart. These offer a large storage space for softener and detergent bottles.

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