Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern farm style must-have

  Rustic architectural elements such as beamed ceilings, wooden floors and unfinished coats are the most recognizable elements of the modern farmhouse design.
  White or neutral colors are the most common palette.
  The furniture is often created or designed in a traditional way with an artisanal aspect.
  Lighting should be the most modern element of the room, using shiny metals.

Start with colorful cabinets

White and wood cabinets are still very popular, but more colorful options like gray and navy invade the scene. These colors can anchor your modern farmhouse kitchen. The two-tone cabinets, usually white on gray or navy blue, create an interest in a kitchen devoid of architectural features.

The doors of windows reveal a touch of color

A smart way to add color to your kitchen is to paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets, allowing the color to come out of the glass doors. You can also use this color key on the back of a shelf or bookshelf. Neutral tones and pastel colors are perfect for rustic decorations, especially inside cabinets and shelves.

Add color with a tile backsplash

The most popular tile backsplash colors in modern farm kitchens are white or gray. Historically, subway tiles and herringbone patterns – usually in neutral colors – dominated the backsplash design. After years of white and neutral kitchens, cement and floor tiles with colorful patterns are a growing trend that is giving color back to kitchens.

Mix your metal fixtures

Satin brass, copper and bronze fixtures are not only welcome in modern farm kitchens, but their mix creates a custom style without adding a lot of color. Your kitchen faucet is the most important metal element in the eyes. Choose the right one for your backsplash and counters. Lighting is also a good place to mix and match metals because it is essential to kitchen design.

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