Resolutions Stylish Home 2018

Designers and magazines of all kinds are calling for more colors for 2018 and beyond. Although white and gray monochrome spaces still have their place in contemporary design, adding color touches with accessories or paint is a quick and easy way to modernize a home.

Traditional is no longer the most popular design style – contemporary design is. The clean lines and the uncluttered feeling is more peaceful and relaxing. Try to make your room more contemporary – the new look will feel inviting and you can even rest better without all the distractions of clutter, objects and furniture around you.

Here’s how you can use contemporary design principles and simplify the bedroom:

  Keep only the essentials in your room, such as a bed, bedside table or two and a bench or chaise longue.
  Move the dresser in the closet or hallway.
  Move the TV and other electronic devices into another room.
  Keep at a minimum the decoration and personal items on display in the bedroom.

Modern, energy efficient lighting is more affordable than ever. And in most cases, with the help of a person with electrical knowledge, replacing old and obsolete lighting fixtures is an easy project to do. Here’s how you can improve your lighting:

  Replace old bulbs with modern LED or fluorescent versions. Choose bulbs that reproduce natural sunlight by looking for their color temperature index. At least 4,500 hours are close to daylight.
  Make sure all the parts you use regularly have two lighting options: overhead and a table or floor lamp.
  Replace old fixtures with modern LED styles.

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