Small Dining Space

Be creative with seating
Sometimes, when working with small spaces, you do not have the luxury of following a traditional layout. While a classic dining room usually includes a long table lined with chairs on each side, there is no need to look that way. You have the freedom to be creative with the seats and find an arrangement that’s right for you.

With that in mind, think outside the box. Is your dining space in an inconvenient corner that could benefit from rounded seating instead of the traditional rectangle or square? Could you use benches instead of chairs to take up less space in general? If you are really in tight spaces, will you benefit from a multifunctional seat also used for storage?

*Choose light furniture
In interior design, it is important to take into account the proportions or the size relationship between all objects in the space. While this may sound vague, it simply means that you have to make an effort to find objects of a size appropriate for the room, rather than elements that appear to be stuffed or drowning in an open space.

In small spaces, you should consider light furniture, which means they have a light appearance in terms of visual weight. In general, this means opting for furniture that has legs. Being able to see the light through the furniture, rather than close it and sit heavily on the floor, gives the illusion of having more space.

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