Small Space???

There are many areas in your space that you might consider completely useless. For example, you may have some floor space under a wall outcrop. Or maybe there is a floor space between two support beams or a corner behind a chair.

The truth is that these spaces have a lot of potential. For example, a small table could be between the support beams, creating an instant display area, storage space, or a work table. A small sofa could pass under this uncomfortable outcrop. This corner behind the chair could house a floor lamp.

Unused floor space under the stairs? To show creativity! We saw everything, chairs and reading lamps, custom shelves, retractable desks and TVs added to this space. Of course, the use of basic storage is a much more common (but much less fun) use of this space

Make use of small spaces

You can find special furniture specially designed for small spaces. These parts usually have folding or multiple use features. The furniture with the small space feature include:

  Retractable desks
  Retractable beds
  Mezzanine beds
  Folding or extendable tables
  Ottomans or coffee tables with storage space inside

Do not consider mezzanine beds as simple college dormitory staples: there are great styles designed for “adult” spaces. Raising the bed from the floor adds a new dimension to the unused space that you can fill with a reading corner, desk or sofa.

Invest in floating shelves

Look around and decide what you do not need. For example, do you really need this huge decorative lamp, when a ceiling light or recessed lighting could do the trick while freeing up space?

With small spaces, adopt a “less is more” attitude. For example, instead of many cluttered little works that barely fit on a wall, try using a large room that makes a statement.

Or, exchange all these little trinkets for a larger room. You can also get rid of some unnecessary libraries or showcases in this way.

The principle also applies to furniture. How much are you really sitting on this chair? Could it be replaced by something that folds and is stored when you do not have a company?

You may also want to invest in larger furniture, which seems paradoxical. But when you have a small chair and a love seat, they take up more space because you have to leave room between them. In fact, you will get more seating on a large sofa than on a set of small chairs, which will make the space more cluttered.

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